Kroeger Building is a second generation family business established in 1963. We pride ourselves on our work ethics providing a clean, safe site and believe customer satisfaction to be a must. 

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Oli’s team of builders at Kroeger Building have been absolutely brilliant. They completely renovated and transformed our 1960’s Kew East home, moving walls and adapting the building into a modern home for my family to enjoy for many years to come. We are thrilled with the finished product, and we have received so many compliments from friends and passersby.
When we first decided to do the renovation we weren’t entirely sure what we wanted to do, it is daunting taking on such an enormous project. Oli was fantastic at explaining the whole process, guiding us through every step and explaining the pros and cons of different choices. We didn’t run into any major issues; the renovation was about as straightforward as we could have possibly hoped.

I really appreciated the level of communication I received throughout the process, Oli would regularly offer us multiple options at different price points, allowing us to understand where to budget was being spent and how we could achieve the end result for a reasonable price.

Oli’s team were all lovely and fantastic with my young kids. My son especially loved watching them work each day, and they were always friendly and considerate with us. We will continue to use Oli and his team for future additions to our home.

I have utilised Kroeger Building for all my house extensions and renovations over the past 15 years.

The business has added 2 additional bedrooms and renovated both the bathroom and ensuite over this period of time.

They are always on time, reliable and the most important, exceptionally clean.  Each night before they leave, they vacuum, making sure there is no mess left lying around.

Oli and the team of contractors he use are friendly and very easy to work with.  I have recommended them to a number of friends who have also used his services without any issues.

Only too happy to showcase the work upon request.

The Edwards Family.

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